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Embrace Your Passion

I uncovered my passion for music at age 9 after my grandmother formed a gospel quintet of myself, 3 cousins and a friend.  She assigned me as the lead singer. I had already fell in love with the guitar from watching my Dad play and after seeing the Beatles perform on t.v. I got my first guitar at age 10 and wrote my first song at 12. From that point on, I knew why i was born. An unquenchable fire still burns within me to create music everyday!

Living Life in Song

I've been writing and producing music since 1980. This is part of my God ordained mission in life. There is no greater joy for me (other than preaching the word)  than writing and producing the songs God gives me in my own home studio. 

Always Inspired by God!

I find inspiration from the Holy Spirit.  To try and write music that  others can relate to as they go through various stages in life. Songs that will touch and impact the lives of millions for eternity! If only one person is changed by one of my songs, then I've done what I was born to do. This is what fuels my passion!


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